2022 Voter Registration Day

2022 Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day was on September 20th this year, and New Hope of Indiana welcomed Indiana Disability Rights and Self-Advocates of Indiana to give a speech on voter empowerment to the individuals we serve. The main goal of the presentation was to inform the individuals we serve on how to register to vote if they wish to do so and provide them with information on their voting rights.   

One aspect of the presentation involved preparing to vote. This included information on why voting is so important, a history of voting, and different levels of government for which you can vote. It also included resources on how to learn about candidates and issues on the ballot. In addition, they did a brief activity to discuss information sources that are credible and those that are not. They also discussed important voting dates and transportation to polling locations. Additionally, there was a discussion on the required forms of personal identification for those who want to vote. 

The presenters spoke with the individuals we serve about knowing their rights when it comes to voting. Attendees learned that it is the individual’s responsibility to ask for help voting. If requested, voters are able to receive assistance in the booth. If a voter asks for help from poll workers, one worker from each party will assist to ensure no persuasion is occurring. Everyone has the right to privacy and independence as well as accessible polling locations and machines when it comes to voting. Other resources that are available to voters include tape, magnifiers, and chairs. 

 Overall, this was a very informative presentation which gave the individuals information so that, if they choose to vote, they know the process of how to do so and the rights they have. 

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