Service Spotlight: Christina Marks

Service Spotlight: Christina Marks

For most of her life, Christina Marks has been a caregiver and that truly is her passion. Christina came to New Hope 15 years ago because she desired to help people and has been doing so ever since as a DSP in Supported Living. She had taken some healthcare courses in college which were helpful; however, her knowledge and skills have been gained from dedication to the individuals she serves. Christina has worked at numerous sites and is currently at the Center Street home. She enjoys going out in the community with clients, ensuring their needs are met and helping them enjoy their days.

Christina’s love of caregiving is also very important in her personal life. She has two children with autism and also cares for her aging mother. It does not leave much time for leisure or hobbies, but Christina would not have it any other way as having fun with her kids is what she loves doing the most. Her son and daughter are involved with the Play Project through New Hope. Christina is appreciative of the program and how New Hope has been supportive of her throughout the years.

Thank you, Christina for your compassion and commitment to NHI and your family!

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