Volunteer Highlight: Bill Ray

Volunteer Highlight: Bill Ray

One of the most popular and memorable annual events at NHI for the past twenty years has been the Friends of the Fox trips to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) in May. Friends of the Fox was started by race driver, Stan Fox, who sustained a traumatic brain injury in the Indianapolis 500. Following his recovery, he wanted persons with disabilities to experience the Speedway “up close and personal” and started, the Friends of the Fox Foundation.

After Stan passed away, Bill Ray and another friend, Ron Kucer, were determined to continue the Friends of the Fox legacy. The IMS provides passes for practice and qualification days which include going in the garage area and entrance into the IMS Museum. While touring the garage areas, many drivers graciously autograph hats and shirts and pose for photos. Bill also arranged with a nearby McDonald’s owner for everyone going to the track to have a complimentary breakfast first.

Bill makes this wonderful experience for NHI clients and associates happen without any NHI funding, utilizing his many contacts at the IMS and racing community. Additionally, Bill is a professional photographer and captures the track memories through his photos. He always looks forward to Friends of the Fox, seeing some of his NHI friends he has gotten to know throughout the years and meeting new individuals and associates attending for the first time. We are so appreciative of Bill and thank him for his long-term dedication, including his efforts in arranging the trips and acting as the official tour guide each day at the track.

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  1. Victoria June Sullivan June 23, 2018 at 12:45 am

    IAm so proud of Bill,! He is a wonderful caring man! I am so glad he is my cousin! Too!!

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